Mario Morales, Creative Director formerly of Mario & Marielena has been designing textiles, bedding, accesories, draperies and furniture for the high-end interior and hospitality design community since 1994. Collaborating with the designer, blending fashion with quality materials and alluring design to create a finished product that was unique and original.

our story

Our standard service includes textile assistance, dimensional changes, creative modifications, all in an effort to create a finished product that is exactly what our designer needs to make their project shine.

Our design influence ranges from contemporary to traditional, we believe good materials, good craftsmanship and good design will ensure a good finished product.

We are in the good customer service business with logistical and creative support for every Project that comes through our doors.

From our in-house design team to engineering; from operations to customer service, Blend works closely with individual project managers to insure budget requirements, timely product completion and installation. Blend operates its manufacturing facilities in Tennessee, providing all-around service and delivery.